Spook Group

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To Whomever May See
These Presents, Greetings!    
Welcome all Spooks,
DirSup CTs, Old Crows,
Submarine Riders, and any other
Bubbleheads, Skimmers, Airdales, 
Gumshoes, SandCrabs, or Civilians.



This Web Site is a Virtual Reunion
For All You
Unsung (apologies to TC)
Heroes of the Cold War
The Sub-Surface
Cryptologic Direct Support Element CTs.
More commonly known by
Fast Attack Submariners as
"Spook Riders"

We ate their food,
We wasted their water,
We breathed their air, but ...
"We Were Never There!"


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This Site Launched 05-APR-2001
It is under constant developmnet
thanks to YOUR input to:
CTM2 Paul W. Hartnägel
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