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  This site is Dedicated to all these "Spooks"
who volunteered to go where they "weren't",
and to their support teams, together
making a major contribution to
And also to those "Spooks" now 
fighting the
War against Terrorists!

This Contact List is to be used ONLY for reconnecting old shipmates,
NOT for any commercial, political, or other purpose.
If you would like to contact members of this site with a commercial offering then please contact the SiteMaster, there are many more members who prefer not to have their names and E-dresses posted for privacy reasons.
If you are looking for an old shipmate who is not posted ASK! 
I just might have their name and E-dress listed offline.

List being updated.

Even if you have submitted your info before, PLEASE re-submit as many emails are bouncing (out of date).


Please Add yourself to the Crew List (or update your information) by completeing the form below.
Snail Mail address and Phone numbers will be kept offline and used only should your email bounce.

Last Name:
First Name & 'Alias':
Duty Stations mm/yy-mm/yy:
# of DirSupSpecOps:
Personal Web Site:
Snail Mail Address:
Notes or Comments

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