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"The older I get,
the foggier my memories of the bad times,
 and the fonder my memories of the good times,
and the good guys, I served with."    Stache


This site was launched and is maintained by Stache
CTM2(NQP) Paul W. Hartnägel
While I might not have "got my guppies"
I consider myself luckier than most other
Spook Riders in that during my time of service
I was fortunate enough to ride at least one of every
major class of Nuclear Powered Fast Attack
Submarines built during the Cold War.
From the Skate Class USS Sargo SSN-583
(Two Screws, Stern Tubes, and Bow Planes)
 to the LA Class USS Groton SSN-694
(one of the then new "Hotel Boats").
Sadly, all the ships I ever served on are
now "Razor Blades" Man, am I getting old.

Third  N.E.M. and a Second  N.U.C.!
THEN circa 1980



Two NUCs, a MUC, Good Conduct, and Three NEMs
Notice, NO 'Gedunk' National Defense Ribbon.
All awards, including three NEMs, were earned during "Peacetime".
I just recently found out that I earned the MUC as part of:
Look Here to see if any of your
TAD or PCS Commands earned awards.
You may get a Site Security Certificate warning
but I have been clicking through with no problems anyway.

My six years of Active Duty were
15-OCT-1975 to 14-OCT-1981.
I served 6 years of Reserve Duty
from 1981 to 1987. 
The ironic thing is that with those dates
of "peacetime service"
 I do not qualify for membership in the  American Legion .
HOWEVER, any one of my three Navy Expeditionary Medals
qualify me for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and also for the full 25% New York State for Veterans who served in combat .
Go Figure.

As compared to at least one other
"War Hero" (who has three Purple Hearts) 
I have accumulated much more than
four months twelve days serving under
"International Waters" somewhere between
 Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk
during the height of the "Cold War", and 
also in OpAreas of the
Indian Ocean,
Persian Gulf, 
and the Gulf of Aden during the
Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1980.
Many others listed on this site
served much more than I.

Shellback Certificate for Crossing the Equator

Lattitude 00°00'00'' Longitude CLASSIFIED!
Lattitude 00°00'00'' Longitude CLASSIFIED!

What's left of My Golden Dragon Certificate

Plank Owner N.S.G.A. Groton

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So What Am I Doing Now???

This Site Launched 05-APR-2001
It is under constant developmnet
thanks to YOUR input to:
CTM2 Paul W. Hartnägel
All Content, Text, and Photos Copyright 2001-2011
by Call Paul Promotions, Site By Stache and/or Others.