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Next Gathering:
September 8th-11th, 2016
Pensacola, FL


"Casper Society" / SpookGroup Gathering at USSVI Convention 2012


This is an open invitation to all to join some of us in Norfolk, VA, 2-9 September 2012 for the annual USSVI (SubVets) National Convention.  I have discussed and gotten affirmation that we are welcome to attend even if not members of the organization.  You will have to pay all appropriate fees, e. g. lodging, registration, dinner banquet, tours, etc.
Plan of the Week and other details are posted at ussvi.org, click conventions and you're there.  This is not an attempt to interfere with the NCVA, but just an idea for all to swap sea stories with someone who might appreciate and understand them.  It is also a great opportunity to see those of us you spent so many exciting days and nights in company with so many years ago.  Jerry Stump, Tommy Cox, Bill Lockert, Mike Varone, Robert "Bulge" Jordan and others are plannning to be there and hope you will join us.  By the way, the first round is on the last one in the bar door on Thursday evening.  Look forward to hearing from you and if you would please pass the word to all of our compadres. 



Bill Hollaway


Pride Runs Deep




Just received this email today 4/25/09:

it has been a while, since I have been to your site.

Interesting thing, a group of Rota CTM's me being one of them had a reunion last year in Pensacola, and have another planned next year for the last week in May.

This link may show some faces of people you knew back then. We had a great turn out and like 10 no shows. Just thought you would like to check it out. this was not the final version but close enough...

Kevin Dvorak CTM1


New Page added to the site, but I need more pics.


Are YOU a REAL Submariner??

NEW  9/27/05
Absolutely Awesome Artwork by
Norbert 'Pauly' Mayer

Stache, Olee, & Wayne - 6/25/05

On Saturday June 25th, 2005 a Mini Reunion
of three NSGA Groton Plank Owners
was held near Orlando FL.
Beers, Alligator Meat, Laughs and
Memories were enjoyed by all!!
 (Paul Hartnagel, Joel 'Olee' Olsen, & Wayne Sarosi)
Next time billiards too.

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