Eternal Patrol

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To Honor and Remember
our Shipmates who have
cleared the Channel Markers
for the last time and set sail
on Eternal Patrol.


LCDR Arnold, John 'JP',  OIC extraordinaire
CTICM Tom Cooney - The Tom Cat has passed on. He was a legend in the Dirsup Community. It would be appropriate to include him in your list.
CTTCM Corbett, James Earl "Sticky Buns" has "Bagged Ass" for good, God Bless Him!
CTMCM(SS) Diette, Phillip, A gentleman Master Chief from Groton DIRSUP Shop.
CTMCS(SS)/W-1 Empey, Malcolm (Mac) - Colorblind and Dyslexic - if it don't work... redesign it.
CTMCS David E. Fischer
CTICM Krause, Russell  He served many years in Direct Support at ACNSG
CTI, Garrison, Samuel Stephen 'Chief Sam',  DirSup Japan Turkey 6/7th Fleets, 20+ DirSup/SpecOps,
CTTCMSS Steven J. Landkamera, a spook with us at Pearl. He was a party animal, and a great spook.
CTI Lupton, James Mahlon, killed in action aboard the USNS Liberty during his first DirSup mission.
CTR Naylor, Tom "Red" - See W.F.Richardson's Tribute on the Sea Stories Page
CTT Offdenkamp, Richard 'Big Bird'
CTM Keith “Fireplug” Hannon
CTM Sutherland, Timothy O., "What do you get when you cross a donkey with an onion?"
CTTC Walter "Wally" Voight (Ret) Rode out of ACNSG Ft. Meade
CTIC James (Jim Bob) Holcomb
CTI1 Dan Stein
CTI1 Richard Churnside
CTI3 Craig Rudolf (Ranger 12)
CTI3 Pat Price (Ranger 12)
CTI1 Pete Craig (click here for more detail)
CTICS(SS) Gene “Heavy Bear” Benzing, he was one of us tripping from ACNSG and Misawa.

Sailors Rest Your Oars

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