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My Tribute and Thank YOU
to the Crew,
Family and Friends of the
USS Pueblo AGER-2
**NOTE** Currently this page is NOT indexed or openly available on the Internet. It is intended only for private viewing by shipmates and friends.

On September 11th-13th, 2008 I had the honor, privilege, and pleasure of meeting many of the crew at their 40th Anniversary Reunion. For months before and right up to my first meetings with the crew I was very apprehensive about how they might feel towards me "crashing" their party. I must say I was welcomed and accepted right away as both a fellow Spook and a fellow Navy Veteran.


I have three distinct ties to the Pueblo:


1. For over forty years I have answered the question "What did you do in the Navy?" with the following response "I can neither confirm nor deny what they were doing on the Pueblo when she was illegally captured by the North Koreans, but whatever it was, after that we did it on submarines." Now I know we have been doing Submarine Spec-Ops since way before 1968 but that is my answer that seems to satisfy those who question me. Unfortunately too often nowadays it begets the question "What was the USS Pueblo?"


2. On January 23rd 1979 while on a Submarine Spec-Op in the SOJ at nearly the same coordinates, a CTT1 sitting in the Pos 4/5 chair noted "I was supposed to be here 11 years ago as a Steamin' Seaman striking CTT3 but I got bumped off that mission by a second class who wanted liberty in Korea. Well he got 11 months liberty in North Korea and I got over being mad about getting bumped." I haven't been able to ID that 2nd class so I won't ID the CTT1. Could've been just another sea story, but it has always served to help me remember where we were, what we were doing, and the possible consequences.


3. The last chronological memory I have of my Dad being alive (A WWII GM2 who received his orders to Eternal Patrol Nov 29th 1968, three weeks before my 12th birthday) was that Summer of '68 when he was saying to a group of friends that we should give the North Koreans 24 hours to let our boys go and if they don't then we go in with the H-bomb and "Blow them all to HEQQ" He emphasized this by swinging his arms wide, accidentally hitting me in the face and giving me a bloody nose.



To the Crew of the Pueblo,
their Families and Friends,
you all served so bravely then,
and you continue to serve gallantly now,
as an example of stalwart strength and faith,
Thank YOU!!
You were, and are, an inspiration
to many many others
who have followed in your footsteps
and service in the
Greatest Traditions of US Navy!!



CDR "Pete" Bucher's wife Rose.
An extremely gracious lady who seemed as proud of her husband's Submarine Service as she was of his leadership of the Pueblo Crew.


CTO2 Donald R. McClarren


QM3 Alvin H. Plucker


FN Norman W. Spear


Stephen Harris OIC of the Pueblo's
Spook 'Research' Team


CTT1 Frank Ginther


SK1 Policarpo Polla "PP" Garcia


FN Thomas W. Massie


The Bosun Locker -BM1 Norbert J. Klepac, BM2 Ronald L. Berens, BM3 Willie C. Bussell

Upon my return from the reunion to my part-time School Bus Driver job, I challenged my students to find out about the USS Pueblo.
With only the promise of "some kind of extra credit" one student produced this for which she (and others who produced similar yet shorter reports) received Gift Cards for Stewart's Ice Cream Cones and McDonald's Meal Cards.


Follow Up: I also attended the USS Pueblo 44th Anniversary Reunion in Annapolis, MD September 11th-14th, 2012 on my way home from the USSVI Convention in Norfolk, VA the previous week. To this day I count a number of the Crew, not only as Navy and CT shipmates, but also as personal friends.

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