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India Class Soviet Submarine

Did you ever wonder what the "other guys" were thinking?

Soviet Whiskey Class Submarine

Here are two collections of essays written by Soviet Submariners.

Typhoon Class Boomer Boat

Cyrus Idashkin

"I am a 66-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, Russia, on a pension now after 40 years in marine engineering. The last years of my service I was engaged in publishing recollections of the Soviet Navy veterans, mostly retired Submariners.
Now I have enough time at my disposal while keeping all the necessary contacts and access to the materials of the kind.
So I decided to translate (or rather re-tell) some of the Soviet Submariners' recollections and offer them to people abroad, in the first place to the U.S. Navy Submariners. These essays are just homemade pocket-sized booklets with a minimum of illustrations. My English is far from being good too, but I hope it is understandable".
At present I have prepared two booklets:


Rostislav Belozorov

Booklet #1 Born Twice

Booklet #1. "Born Twice" by Rostislav Belozorov Re-Told and Translated by Cyrus Idashkin.
Written by the commander of one of the Project A-615 submarines with a unified diesel power plant. Chapters Include:
Balaklava. Project A-615. On board my new sub. After first accident.
Letter to Central Committee. One more accident. I continue my service. My mates. Accident again. Some general considerations. Before main event in my life. Fatal diving. Struggling for life. Our comrades saved. Cause of accident. Looking round in trap. New Threat. Saving ourselves. We are found. Situation gets worse. Rescue begins. Operation continues. Parcel for prisoners. Poor attempt of towing. Our own actions. Last efforts. We surfaced! After rescue. Famous people. Investigation. Life goes on. Epilogue;
     **Note from 'Stache ** 
The above story is as scarey and captivating as the story of the USS Squalus (SS-192)  rescue.
"Born Twice" is an absolute MUST READ for all Submariners.


Project A-615 Soviet Submarine

Ryurik Timofeev

Booklet #2 To North Pole on Board Nuclear Submarine

Booklet #2. "To North Pole on Board Nuclear Submarine" by Ryurik Timofeev Re-Told and Translated by Cyrus Idashkin.
Written by the chief mechanician of the first Soviet Nuclear Submarine. Chapters Include: 
I do not want to be submariner. Naval officers at nuclear power station. Submarine nuclear power plant operates on land. We prepare sailing. Fire on board submarine. Voltage of 1.72 V. Modernization again. Within hairbreadth from death. Last preparations. Ready for polar cruise. We are at North Pole. Special governmental task fulfilled. Supper in company of Khruschev. Epilogue;

Thank you in advance
Cyrus Idashkin

First Soviet Nuclear Submarine, Project 627

     ** Note  from Frank Snyder **
Site Master for the USS Sargo (SSN-583)
I have two of his booklets. And have written him on several occasions. He is a very interesting fellow. The booklets he writes are very worth the reading. Most of them are about 60 pages long. Very easy reading and fun. I couldn't believe the things the Russians"s went through on the boats they have!
Have a great day all.
The Chipster

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